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Flight 401 And Its Famed Ghosts

Flight 401 And Its Famed Ghosts

Eastern Air lines Flight 401 crashed on 29 December, 1972 in the Florida Everglades. The captain of the flight was Bob Loft and the flight engineer was Don Repo. The flight was carrying 176 passengers, of which 101 were killed in the crash.

After an extensive search for passengers and planeparts, parts of the plane that were salvages were used in other aircrafts in the airline’s fleet. Nothing more was thought about it till passengers and crew members traveling on different Eastern Air lines aircrafts reported that they kept seeing the ghosts of two men who resembled Captain Bob Loft & the flight engineer Don Repo on different departing flights.

Spotting the Ghost

On one particular flight, a crew member boarded an L-1011 and during an overnight shift she started sprucing up the aircraft along with a crew that she was assigned to. As soon as she entered galley area of the aircraftshe felt a draft of cold air which was almost at freezing point. She could not fathom how it could be so cold in Atlanta in the middle of the summer. Jessica started cleaning the galley and the oven. She mentioned that while she was cleaning the galley oven glass doors she happened to see a reflection of a person in uniform. Even though she was scared she turned around to see who it was, but saw no one. Once again she looked into the glass and the reflection was still there.

The Mystery Unravels

Scared to death she sprinted towards her crew leader. Not caring whether he thought she was crazy, she repeatedly asked the crew leader about what the apparition was. All he said was that she could expect to see it often on that flight. The astonished and alarmed Jessica also later asked a few people around and found out the history behind the haunting. It goes without saying; she never stepped onto flight L-1011 ever again.

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