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Fantastic Airshows From Across the World

Fantastic Airshows From Across the World

Airshows are fascinating and exhilarating. The latest aircraft, the most stunning designs and the absolute top-of-the line in aircraft technology is what you get to see at these spectacular events. The season for air shows in the U.S runs from March to November and covers the spring, the summer as well as the fall seasons. The European season is much shorter and generally begins in late April, early May and wraps up by mid-October. Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East hold their airshow events anytime from January-March.

The Exciting Dubai Air Show

The most current airshow that took place was of course the much-touted Dubai Airshow 2013 that took place in November 2013. An impressive 60,692 trade attendees from across the globe and 1,046 exhibitors from 60 different countries attended this show. Deals were struck and orders booked and the Dubai Airshow 2013 broke all previous records with the $206.10 B worth of orders that it recorded. The country is already planning for its November 2015 show.

Making Note of the Biggies

Another notable show is the Paris Airshow which is the oldest and the largest Airshow in the world. The next International Paris Air Show is slated to be held from 15-21 June 2015. The Farnborough International Airshow will be held in mid-July 2014 and it always alternates with the Paris show. The Hungarian Kecskemét International Air Show was held in October 2013 and will be held in 2014 Oct as well.

Other shows

The Miramar Airshow held in California, in the United States is the country’s largest military air show and attracts numerous global attendees. This year, it had to be canceled on account of the government shutdown in the U.S. The Abbotsford International Airshow is the largest Airshow in Canada and is held annually every August. In addition to these the Singapore Airshow and the China Airshow are also worth a mention. They all mean big business, big money and have a great deal of glitter surrounding them.

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