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Enter The Spacex’s Dragon For United States’ Astronauts

Enter The Spacex’s Dragon For United States’ Astronauts

Recently, SpaceX or Space Exploration Technologies unveiled its upgraded passenger version of a Dragon cargo ship that NASA buys to make its resupply runs to the International Space Station. Instead of parachuting straight down into the ocean, this new capsule is now outfitted with muscled motors & landing legs and will be able to make precision touch-downs on land, said Elon Musk, the company’s founder & chief executive officer. This enterprising billionaire technology entrepreneur also runs the electric car company- Tesla Motors Inc.

Star- trekking and more

In a presentation at the start of June at the SpaceX Hawthorne, California HQ, he said that it will be possible to land just about anywhere on the planet as accurately as you can with a helicopter. That is how any 21st century spaceship should ideally land added Musk. Over 32,500 people had also watched the unveiling of the Dragon via a live SpaceX webcast. The cabin is designed to fly 7 crew members and it looked like a Star Trek movie-set rather than the flight deck of a NASA space shuttle that is now retired.

Dragon launches via the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket. It is 1 of 3 privately-owned space taxis that are vying for development funds & launch contracts from NASA. The United States space agency had turned over the space station cargo runs & the crew ferry flights after it retired its shuttle fleet in 2011. SpaceX already has a $1.6B contract for resupply missions of 12 stations.

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