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Droning About a Revolution

Droning About a Revolution

Come 2015 and there might just be a massive boom in interest by various employers for fresh college grads who now have the knowledge of operating drones. Today, there is constant talk about the skill-gap in IT areas such as big data and cloud. Very soon, the work is going to be hounding professionals who have gained education and training in drone technology. One primary factor is the enormous growth of many new business opportunities for commercial uses of drones.

Innumerable Applications

Today, the use of this technology and applications for drones is no doubt embroiled in legal battles and the FAA is also trying its best to work on regulations that will be relevant in the current scenario. But the future is bright and this technology will be extensively used in various fields. Today, apart from pizza delivery and Amazon products as well as aerial photography and filmmaking, drones are being used in farming, real-estate and in pipeline maintenance.

What’s on the Horizon?

But now meteorologists are interested in drones and so are journalists and so is the Pentagon. Hinging on approval from the FAA, within the next 3 years, 70,000 new jobs could be created in various fields that demand drone technology. Academic programs related to drones are now mushrooming in numerous educational institutions across the U.S. Some market watchers are also predicting that drone technology is positioned to turn into an $80B business opportunity by the year 2025. More power to the drones and to those who innovate and educate!

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