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Drones On Collision Course With Regulations

Drones On Collision Course With Regulations

Early this year, an aircraft from the American Airlines Group almost collided with a drone. It is just one of the many near-miss cases that highlights the increasing risk that unmanned aircraft are now posing said the sir safety regulator in the U.S. The report from Reuters stated that while the pilot was preparing to land at the Tallahassee Regional Airport, he reported seeing the small, remote-controlled aircraft close to his plane. He said that it was so close to his plane that he was certain he had collided with the UAS. (Unmanned Aircraft System). However, no damage was found when the aircraft was thoroughly inspected on 22 March. 

The Prevailing Risk

Despite the lack of any damage, this incident underscored the risk that is involved in the use of remote control aircrafts. The risk for any small UAS to actually be ingested into the engine of a passenger airline is a very real danger and the consequences could be catastrophic. Currently, the FAA has banned the commercial use of drones in the United States. But hobbyists can use them and so can law enforcement agencies. Now the regulator is increasingly under a great deal of pressure to set the rules and regulations that would permit their use for broader applications.

According to Reuters, in 2013, the FAA started establishing certain test sites where businesses could try out the commercial uses. In a statement, the agency said that they are working very aggressively to make sure that integration of unmanned aircraft systems in the national airspace takes place with the utmost safety.

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