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Drone Style Wedding Photos

Drone Style Wedding Photos

Crazy Wedding Photography

Weddings have always been one of the most important events that anyone would want to photograph. Now, you can take it one step further. If you really want to splurge and get the craziest wedding photographs possible, you can hire a drone to be your photographer!

So how did this whole concept start? Dale Stierman, who owns a wedding photography company, saw some drone pictures of real estate properties and suddenly came up with the idea of using the same concept for wedding photography. This whole new concept would let a couple get wedding photos from so many angles that would not have been humanly possible.

Process of Drone Photography

Admittedly, hiring a drone to photograph your wedding can be a rather expensive affair. The cost is usually around $300 for half an hour of pictures. But those who can afford it and want to spend that kind of money on photographs can hire a drone team to photograph a wedding in any part of the United States.

The high cost of hiring the drone is partly due to the set up and controlling that is required throughout the process. A two-way radio is used so that Stierman can keep in touch with a team that directs the bride and groom along with the wedding party on where to go during the shoot. There is also one person in the team who takes care of flying the drone.

Unique Wedding Photo’s

If you are wondering whether it is worth the money to get a drone for your wedding, this is completely up to personal preference. Some people who still enjoy the close-ups where you can look back and laugh at some incident that can only be seen up-close may want to stick to hiring the traditional wedding photographer. But those who want to make the memories unique and get above-ground footage of the whole wedding, the drone is the way to go!

Drone cameras take wedding photography
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