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Drone Degrees Are the Latest Learning Trend

Drone Degrees Are the Latest Learning Trend

An increasing number of colleges in the United States are now offering programs for students who hope to study the futuristic military technology of drones. Career options are changing and the job landscape is also becoming more restricted in terms of the traditional jobs that are on offer. In this kind of a scenario, flying any unmanned aerial device has become a viable career option. This is especially true since the world of surveillance and related technology is growing by leaps and bounds.

Job Security in Troubled Times

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University located in Daytona Beach, FL, became America’s 1st university to offer a post-graduation degree in drone warfare. It has opened a new program that promises enrolled students job security as soon as they graduate from the course. Drones are the latest hot topic when discussions of terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan come up. They have been used very successfully in eliminating suspected terrorists in different parts of Yemen. Of course controversies regarding drones being involved in accidental civilian deaths in these countries also surfaces in the same breath. But this latest technology has found use in other applications. Police are using it to patrol international borders, environmentalists are using them to study oceanic regions and hurricanes are being observed by meteorologists, with the use of drone technology. 

A lucrative choice

Students who now complete the 6 month training program at the Embry-Riddle University will graduate very soon with a master’s degree & job prospects that offer a starting-salary of $150,000/ year. It seems that students are trying to go through this program as fast as possible to get out into the real world of drones. Many other schools also offer drone training classes though they do not have any master’s program yet. On an average a drone pilot can earn in the range of $50,000- $120,000 a year. And hardly anyone is a stranger to rising college loans and jobs like these might just be the best way out.

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