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Airport IATA Delay Code

Delay Codes

Aircraft that are grounded at airports due to unforeseen circumstances can be costly to the operator.

IATA delay codes are codes that are used in movement messages sent via SITA Telex or emails from the Departure airport to the Destination airport, they were created by the International Air Transport Association to help airlines standardize why a commercial flight left late from its departure airport in order to determine who is responsible for the delay and who will be penalized

Delay codes starting from 01 to 05 are used for internal airline purpose they can be used freely by airline companies to determine particular application fields

6OANo gate/stand availableDue to own airline activity
9SGScheduled ground timePlanned turnaround time less than declared minimum
Passenger and baggage
11PDLate check-inCheck-in reopened for late passengers
12PLLate check-inCheck-in not completed by flight closure time / congestion in check-in area
13PECheck-in errorError with passenger or baggage details
14POOversalesBooking errors – not resolved at check-in
15PHBoardingDiscrepancies and paging, missing checked in passengers at gate
16PSCommercial publicity /passenger convenienceLocal decision to delay for VIP or press; delay due to offload of passengers following family bereavement, Ground meals and missing personal items
17PCCatering orderLate or incorrect order given to supplier
18PDBaggage processingLate or incorrectly sorted baggage
Cargo Handling
21CDDocumentationLate or incorrect documentation for booked cargo
22CPLate positioningLate delivery of booked cargo to airport/aircraft
23CCLate acceptanceAcceptance of cargo after deadline
24CIInadequate packingRepackaging and / or re-labelling of booked cargo
25COOversalesBooked load in excess of saleable load capacity (weight or volume), resulting in reloading or off-load
27CEDocumentation, packingIncomplete and / or inaccurate documentation
Mail Handling
28CLLate positioningLate delivery of mail to airport / aircraft
29CALate acceptanceAcceptance of mail after deadline
Aircraft and Ramp Handling
31GDLate / inaccurate aircraft documentationLate or inaccurate weight and balance (Loadsheet), general declaration, passenger manifest, etc.
32GLLoading / unloadingLoading, Unloading, bulky/special load, cabin load, lack of loading staff
33GELoading equipmentLack of and / or breakdown eg. container pallet, loader; lack of operating staff
34GSServicing equipmentLack of and / or breakdown; lack of operating staff
35GCAircraft cleaningLate completion of aircraft cleaning
36GFFuelling / defuellingLate delivery of fuel; excludes late request
37GBCateringLate and / or incomplete delivery; late loading
38GUUldLack of breakdown and / or unserviceable ULD's or pallets
39GTTechnical equipmentLack and / or breakdown; lack of operating staff; includes GPU, air start, pushback tug, de-icing
Technical and Aircraft Equipment
41TDTechnical defectsAircraft defects including items covered by MEL
42TMScheduled maintenanceLate release from maintenance
43TNNon-scheduled maintenanceSpecial checks and / or additional works beyond normal maintenance schedule
44TSSpares and maintenanceLack of spares, lack of and / or breakdown of specialist equipment required for defect rectification
45TAAog sparesAOG (Aircraft on ground for technical reasons) Spares, to be carried to another station
46TCAircraft changeFor technical reasons, e.g. a prolonged technical delay
47TLStandby aircraftStandby aircraft unavailable for technical reasons
48TVSchedule cabinconfiguration and version adjustment
Damage to Aircraft
51DFDamage during flight operationsFailure of automated systems, including check-in; load control systems producing mass and balance
52DGDamage during ground operationsCollisions (other than taxiing), loading / offloading damage, towing, contamination, extreme weather conditions
EDP / Automated Equipment Failure
55EDDeparture controlFailure of automated systems, including check-in; load control systems producing mass and balance
56ECCargo preparation documentationFailure of documentation and / or load control systems covering cargo
57EFFlight plansFailure of automated flight plan systems
58EOOtherComputer System
Flight Operations and Crewing
61FPFlight planLate completion of or change to flight plan
62FFOperational requirementLate alteration to fuel or payload
63FTLate crew boarding or departure proceduresLate flight deck, or entire crew, other than standby; late completion of flight deck crew checks
64FSFlight deck crew shortageSickness, awaiting standby, flight time limitations, valid visa, health documents, crew rest etc.
65FRFlight deck crew special requestRequests not within operational requirements
66FLLate cabin crew boarding or departure proceduresLate cabin crew other than standby; late completion of cabin crew checks
67FCCabin crew shortageSickness, awaiting standby, flight time limitations, valid visa, health documents
68FACabin crew error or special requestRequests not within operational requirements
69FBCaptain request for security checkExtraordinary requests outside mandatory requirements eg, Security check requested by Captain
71WODeparture stationBelow operating limits
72WTDestination stationBelow operating limits
73WREn-route or alternateBelow operating limits
74WIDe-icing of aircraftRemoval of ice and / or snow; excludes equipment – lack of or breakdown
76WSRemoval of snow, ice, water, and sand from airportRunway, taxiway conditions
77WGGround handling impaired by adverse weather conditionsHigh winds, heavy rain, blizzards, monsoons etc.
Air Traffic Flow Management Restrictions
81ATAtfm due to atc en-route demand / capacityStandard demand / capacity problems
82AXAtfm due to atc staff / equipment enrouteReduced capacity caused by industrial action or staff shortage, equipment failure, military exercise or extraordinary demand due to capacity reduction in neighbouring area
83AEAtfm due to restriction at destination airportAirport and / or runway closed due to obstruction, industrial action, staff shortage, political unrest, noise abatement, night curfew, special flights
84AWAtfm due to weather at destinationAirport and Government Authorities
Airport and Government Authorithies
85ASMandatory securityPassengers, baggage, crew, etc.
86AGImmigration, customs, healthPassengers, crew
87AFAirport facilitiesParking stands, ramp congestion, lighting, buildings, gate limitations etc.
88ADRestrictions at destination airportAirport and / or runway closed due to obstruction industrial action, staff shortage, political unrest, noise abatement, night curfew, special flights
89AMRestrictions at airport of departureIncluding air traffic services, start-up and pushback, airport and / or runway closed due to obstruction or weather (restriction due to weather in case of ATFM only) industrial action, staff shortage, political unrest, noise abatement, night curfew, special flights
91RLLoad connectionAwaiting load from another flight
92RTThrough check-in errorPassenger or baggage check-in error at originating station
93RAAircraft rotationLate arrival of aircraft from another flight or previous sector
94RSCabin crew rotationAwaiting cabin crew from another flight
95RCCrew rotationAwaiting flight deck, or entire crew, from another flight
96ROOperations controlRe-routing, diversion, consolidation, aircraft change for reasons other than technical
97MIIndustrial action within own airlineAirline Internal matters
98MOIndustrial action outside own airlineIndustrial action (except Air Traffic Control Services)
99MXMiscellaneousNot elsewhere specified
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