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Dassault’s Falcon Flies in a New Avatar

Dassault’s Falcon Flies in a New Avatar

Just 7 months after unveiling the Falcon 5X, which was a cleansheet design, Dassault Aviation is now taking the wraps off its Falcon 8X. This is a very significant upgrade over the current Falcon 7X. It has a much longer cabin that will offer more layout possibilities, and its greater range, at 6,450 nm makes more city-pairs possible between Europe, Asia and the Americas. Reports state that the Falcon 8X, is selling at around $58M (10% higher than the Falcon 7X), is specifically positioned as its latest addition at the top-end of the Dassult’s range.

The Longer and Updated Version

The cabin of the Falcon 8X is the longest in the Falcon family. It is an amazing 3.6ft longer than the Falcon 7X, which brings its total length to 42.6ft, with the total cabin volume measuring 1,765 cubic feet. While this increased length seems inconsequential, the senior vice president civil aircraft, Olivier Villa, explained that it actually changes a lot of things. Firstly, it allows for the installation of a very large aft lavatory which includes a shower and a rest area of the compliant crew in its front section. It also has enough space for a very comfortable 3 -lounge cabin in between, said Villa.

This stretch is in response to the feedback received from the current Falcon 7X customers. Also, 3 floor layouts are now available, primarily depending on the length that has been specified by the customer, for the rest area for the galley or crew. The new design also has windows and there may be around 30 – 34 of these.

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