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Buzz Around Drones Continues Unabated

Buzz Around Drones Continues Unabated

Drones have been creating a buzz in the market for a long time now. There are discussions, debates, outrage and awe that surround these 21st century machines and what they are being used for. Their applications are being tested and expanded with every passing day. The latest on the drone front is that for the 1st time, aviation authorities in the United States are now considering permitting the film & television industry to utilize these drones or unmanned aircraft. Numerous aerial photo & video production companies have now asked for exemptions from the regulators and this move has been facilitated by – Motion Picture Association of America, said the Federal Aviation Administration in a recent release.

The Concerns

The agency cited that very “tangible economic benefits” could result from this move, but also said that it would act to ensure that all the relevant safety issues that are associated with the use of drones, were mitigated. Under the current FAA rules, media companies are amongst the commercial groups that are not permitted to use these drones. Businesses across the United States and Canada have been flouting federal restrictions and even before this, drones have been used to a number of tasks such as film making and farming.

There was also talk of Amazon, the online retail giant planning on using drones for its deliveries. Over the last few years, many factions and organizations have raised safety and privacy concerns around their use. Last month, the Federal Aviation Administration had highlighted a case where a drone had almost collided with a passenger plane in the vicinity of a Florida airport. This and several other incidents have led to ongoing discussions about their safety.

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