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Britain’s Joint Strike Fighter- A Blip On The Radar

Britain’s Joint Strike Fighter- A Blip On The Radar

Britain has a so-called “stealth jet” that has cost the MoD literally billions of pounds. Well, many countries have stealth bombers- so what’s so special for one. Well for one- it’s supposed to be a stealth aircraft – but surprise, it’s visible under radar! This F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has actually been designed at massive expense to fly stealthily across enemy airspace & attack targets without it being detected. Massive costs to date, taxpayers have spent £1.3B on the development of this jet. The plan is that the MoD will acquire 48 of these at a cost of upto a whopping £100M per unit. But now, the defense experts have startlingly revealed that this aircraft can be easily spotted by Russian & Chinese radar systems. The Royal United Services Institute has confirmed that the stealth capability of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been compromised & that the United Kingdom’s enemies can easily take advantage of this glitch.

Evolution in Technology

There fact is that radar technology has evolved and in effect, this has made the technology that is used in this aircraft, redundant. It goes without saying that officials are worried. The Russian air-defense system may be able to spot this F-35 with the technology that is fitted to Chinese destroyers. This is extremely concerning as they will now have better resolution and will be able to tell with much greater certainty what that plane is. The stealth capability of the F-35’s had been a key asset of the aircraft. So, what’s next on the radar?

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