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Breeze Through Airport Security

Breeze Through Airport Security

With their body scanners, bomb-sniffing canines and an array of hi-tech equipment, airline and airport authorities like to think that they have their backs covered when it comes to security of their aircraft and airports. They think they are operating impregnable fortresses and when you try to go through their security, you will find that all electronic gadgets and comically-styled shampoo bottles that you may be carrying will be looked upon with suspicion. Be warned if you accidentally pack nail clippers in their carry-ons, because you will be the ideal candidate for a full body and cavity search.

High Security?

And so, even as airport security goes through your luggage with a fine toothed comb, x-ray machines, 3-D scanners and every security scan possible, someone somewhere is breaching high-level airport security and getting away with it. Well, here’s an interesting story on just that.

In 2012, Daniel Casillo, a jet-ski fan was enjoying a jet-ski outing at night in NYC’s Jamaica Bay. He happened to run out of fuel and was just stranded there in the middle of Jamaica Bay. Not knowing what else to do, he simply swam to the closest shore. As bad luck would have it, this happened to be the shore bordering the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Sigh Security!

Casillo scaled the 1st line of defense at the airport- the 8′ high barbed-wire fence pretty much with ease and crossed 2 active runways, unintentionally dodging the maze of surveillance cameras and motion detectors and sashayed into the terminal. He might well have boarded a flight if an airport staffer had not spotted him. The entire airport freaked out when they heard about Casillo’s little foray into their fortress and 100 flights were cancelled- all on account of a clueless and harmless man in a life-jacket.

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