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Black Knight Transformer

Black Knight Transformer

Helicopter Truck Hybrid driving Test

The Black Knight Transformer has recently completed its driving tests to become the first ever hybrid helicopter truck in the world. This truck has been designed mainly for military purpose with the hope that one day this new concept truck will be able to one day in the future assist the army in conflict.

Conventional Hybrid – Helicopter Truck

The transformer truck can be driven by a pilot or even operated remotely. This means that it can be flown with people sitting inside it or it can even be sent out without anyone inside it during dangerous missions. During the testing stage, it was remotely piloted and at this time it managed to achieve a height of a little less than ten feet from the ground.

In a true Transformer style, this truck has eight rotors, four located on each side of the truck. These rotors spring out during the time of take-off and they subtly fold in when they are being driven through smaller roads. When the truck is in the air, the rotors also have the ability to tilt forward so that the truck can move faster.

Rescue Missions

Even though this prototype is still far away from actually hitting the streets and being of service to the military, the fact is that it is slowly becoming a reality. The concept already works at a human scale and it is not just a design on paper any more. If all goes well, the Black Knight will be used for rescue missions and to carry troops during battle.

The major advantage of this transformer will be that it has the ability to fly over mines, canyons and other places that are inaccessible by road. Once it clears these obstacles, it will be able to drive to its destination and help troops to evacuate from areas of battle. The Transformer will provide an all-in-one solution for the military thanks to its ability to be piloted remotely.

Incredible First Flight of the AT Black Knight Transformer
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