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Biking In The Air With The Hoverbike

Biking In The Air With The Hoverbike

At long last, the long awaited mode of transport might finally be just round the corner. Aerofex, the California-based company released a statement announcing that come 2017, it will launch the Aero-X Hoverbike for around US$85,000. And this is not just a rumor- the company has already commenced accepting the $5,000 refundable deposits via its official website and the 1st flights are scheduled for 2016. The Aero-X is specifically-designed to carry 2 people up to the height of 10 feet (3 m) above the ground & it can reach speeds of upto 72 km/h or 42 mph.

Testing Till Launch

The Hoverbike has been in the test phase for quite some time now and Aerofex is still trying to resolve different stability and control challenges. Traditional wheels have been replaced with carbon fiber rotors. The Aero-X will take-off as well as land vertically and will not need any forward speed or a runway, says the company. Initial reports say that it is also a very easy ride and the pilots will use handlebar grips that are positioned at knee level, for controlling the hoverbike.

It takes no more than a weekend of training to fly the craft says Aerofex. The Aero-X will also have a very positive impact on herd management, agriculture, & geo-surveying. It will play a very significant roles in regions that lack modes of general aviation said the company’s CTO & founder Mark De Roche. It has a very intuitive operation and is a very low cost aircraft.

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