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Beer Delivery Drone Ad Censured by the FAA

Beer Delivery Drone Ad Censured by the FAA

Lakemaid Beer Commercials Disapproved

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) moved into action to put an end to a futuristic beer run after Lakemaid, the Minnesota brewery published a video on YouTube that showed the company delivering beer cases to ice fisherman.

Drone Commercials needs FAA Approval

Even though the rules that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has with regards to use of drones might not be legally binding, FAA states that the use of Drones for any commercial purposes is against the rule and needs to be approved by the FAA to get clearance and in most cases it is near impossible to get the approval to use drones for commercial activities.

Raphael Pirker Fined 10,000 USD

In effect, what this means is that theoretically, Lakemaid as well as numerous other companies that are looking to use UAV’s or drones for their business operations might just be able to do so. Well, at least this is what Brendan Schulman, an attorney based in Washington DC says. Schulman is representing a Swiss videographer Raphael Pirker, who is also an avid drone enthusiast. In 2011, Piker had been fined $10,000 by the Federal Aviation Association for shooting a video using a camera-packing-drone, for the University of Virginia.

Commercial Drones in the market for businesses

Commercial drones are available at hobby shops and online, and are being used for delivering flowers and other products as well as for making movie scenes, capturing sports events, taking real estate pictures from the air and for many other purposes depending on the buyer’s requirements. Police departments and Universities that are using drones for safety and educational purposes are able to get the required certificates. The first commercial drone flight in US-controlled airspace has been carried out by ConocoPhillips, the oil and gas group, in the remote Arctic waters off the north coast of Alaska.

Commercial drones Clearance

If you are thinking of buying a commercial drone to use for your business activities beware as the existing FAA rules state that any company that wishes to use drones for any commercial purposes are required to get a “Certificate of Authorization”. It is estimated that more than 400,000 people have registered with the FAA to fly drones, so I guess that it can take many years to get approvals.

Legislating UAV/Drone Laws in the USA

It might sound like an injustice to many but when you think about it, UAV are fairly new and booming in the market and if there were no rules in place the skies would be crawling with drones and that would be a danger to the public. I am sure that with due time the FAA will be able to legislate UAV/drone laws that will benefit all those who wants to use drones for commercial purpose or as a hobby or any other purpose. So I guess we all need to be patients. As they say time is money and “Patience is Virtue”.

Register Your Drone on the FAA Website

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