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Beechcraft King Air 350i

Beechcraft King Air 350i

Beechcraft clocked 60 million hours

The Beechcraft Aircraft Company was founded in 1932 in Wichita, Kansas by Walter Beech and his wife. On April 2013, the worldwide fleet of Beechcraft line of twin-engine turboprops managed to clock in 60 million hours, it is now considered to be the largest private jet manufacturer in the world. On December 26, 2013, an industrialized American conglomerate company called Textron purchased the Beechcraft aircraft company for a whopping sum of 1.4 Billion USD.

The versatile Beechcraft line

The Beechcraft line commenced production as a civil utility aircraft in 1963 and became very successful due to its durability and value. Between 1967 and 1971 the US military ordered 162 to undertake military missions and surveillance. The Beechcraft line is also widely used for military purpose by many countries around the world and by the airline charterers for business flights, Cargo, weather recording, photographic mapping, air ambulance. The Beechcraft line of King Air twin-turboprop is now used at over 127 countries.

Improving performance and reliability

With over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry, Shawn Vick, the Executive Vice President of sales and marketing of the Beechcraft line of King Air twin-turboprop, believes that the feedback on millions of flight hour has continuously given them more knowledge to keep improving the manufacturing line to offer their buyers greater performance and reliability

Lower operating cost

The latest generation of the Beechcraft line, the King Air 350i series 300 has been built with lower operating cost and greater comfort with double club seating capacity for 8 passengers. It has a fuel capacity of 775 US Gallon and a range of 2,200 Nautical Miles. The King Air 350i can land on short gravel runways up to 820 meters (2,692 ft) with maximum landing weight of 6,804 Kg (15,000 lb) and 1,000 meters (3,300 ft) in length with the maximum takeoff weight 7,500 Kg (16,500 lb).

State of the Art

No doubt that the new King Air 350i inspiring performance, new state-of-the-art interior design, and lower operating cost will be a big seller at a starting price of 6 Million USD. Beechcraft represents 53 percent of the turboprop market in the world and is predicting a 10% growth in sales in 2014.

King Air 350i Cabin

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