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American Flyer Browsing Wi-Fi On-board Aircraft

American Flyer Browsing Wi-Fi On-board Aircraft

Travelers using Wi-Fi On-board Passenger Airlines

Recently, American flyers have been permitted to browse Wi-Fi via their smart phones during landing and take-off. Even a year ago, this seemed to be an unrealistic expectation.

Over 93 years, in-flight entertainment experiences have moved from the silent B&W films that were projected on white cloth screens to streaming the latest Netflix series onto iPads. In-flight entertainment has come a long way, and how! So, if Wi-Fi on flights is not a big no-no, what is next in line? What surprises does the future hold for flyers?

West Jet unveils its latest in-flight entertainment system

Well, maybe flyers will soon be able to watch the content that airlines provide, on the personal devices they carry and maybe free, in-flight Wi-Fi in is the offering as well? Most airlines have jumped onto the Wi-Fi bandwagon and West Jet Airlines Ltd. is one of the latest companies to have unveiled details of its latest in-flight entertainment system.

It will wirelessly stream the stored content, live TV and provide Wi-Fi connectivity to flyers. Last week, West Jet Airlines signed a deal with new exW inflight entertainment system on its flights. West Jet Airlines will be replacing its current seat back TV setup with Panasonic’s inflight entertainment system, set to feature a combination of free and paid content including live TV, movies, and more.

Time for take-off

When this new system eventually gets installed later in 2014, it will enable Wi-Fi, and stream Live-TV content on personal devices, like laptops and tablets that passengers are carrying. The airline said that they will also be renting tablets to customers who wish to use them, for a nominal fee.

Executives at the company have welcomed this decision as some of the flights had been left sans any in-flight entertainment while the airline was contemplating which service they should use. This had led to a drop in customer satisfaction levels and the company is now very eager to get back on track in this aspect. This new service plan had been in the pipeline for a long time and it is finally going to take off.

Inflight Entertainment System

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