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American Aviation Pioneers

American Aviation Pioneers

The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers would have been proud to know that many of the aircraft produced these days are always somehow technically related to the first flying machines that they had invented in 1903.

Even after all these years, a number of basic components invented by these brothers are still used to make modern day aircrafts. But do you know the story behind how these two ingenious brothers actually constructed their amazing machine?

The First Wing Powered Aircraft

Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright were American pioneers that helped evolve the aviation world into one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world. They built the first aircraft that could be controlled and powered by humans in December 1903.

Even though they were not the first to actually construct an aircraft, they were the first to invent one with controls that made it possible to have a fixed-wing powered flight.

The Three Axis Control

How did these brothers gain the skills to develop this flight? They spent years in an old workshop experimenting with any junk they could find, from bicycles to printing presses and various kinds of motors making them familiar with controls and balancing of various components.

After many years of toying around in their workshop they figured that if something as unstable and as light as a bicycle could be balanced with practice, balancing other types of apparatuses could be possible. This led them to some serious thoughts giving way to various balancing experiments that eventually helped them to develop the first three axis control that now forms the basic structure of every aircraft.

The three axis control is used to maintain the equilibrium of an aircraft enabling a pilot to steer an aircraft with ease. Till date, all fixed-wing aircraft still use this three axis control.

If you want to know more about the entire process of how the Wright Brothers constructed this flying machine, you should watch the “Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine“, a film that will take you through the entire journey of how the first successfully controlled and sustained flight came about.

Wright Brothers First Flight (1903)
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