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Amazing Toy Planes: A Look at the SmartPlane by TobyRich

Amazing Toy Planes: A Look at the SmartPlane by TobyRich

Any hobbyist who likes to collect and fly toy planes will tell you that the market is flooded with numerous companies that manufacture and sell absolutely amazing to-scale models and remote-controlled planes. The range and the number of models is truly astounding – you can find Cessna, Airbuses, Boeings, Concords or any model of Spitfire you desire. The more modern and advanced models are either radio controlled or smartphone controlled. You will be surprised at the feats some of these modern-day mobile devices can perform.

One name to reckon with in this space is TobyRich. This German company specializes in smartphone controlled gadgets. In 2013 November, TobyRich launched its SmartPlane, which, according to the company, is the 1st smartphone controlled plane on the planet. However, this is debatable. They seem to be forgetting the ones that got there first and the PowerUp kit that affords smartphone-control to any paper plane seems to be pushed into the shadows. But TobyRich says that their plane is different in that it is purportedly the 1st complete-package smartphone controlled plane.

The plane is constructed with expanded polypropylene. It is lightweight and durable and is battery-operated. Five minutes on full-throttle is what it offers but if you decide to cruise through the air in an idle fashion, you might get lucky and the SmartPlane might give you 30 minutes of flying pleasure. This plane connects to any iOS device via the Bluetooth Smart and you get a range of upto 60M or 200ft. the controller app has a Flight Assist feature that can automatically adjust and correct the stability of the SmartPlane. At €69 and free-shipping within Germany, it is being picked up like hot cakes. The app has to be downloaded from the App Store and is free. It’s truly a smart way to fly, isn’t it?

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