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Aircraft using Battery power for take-off

Aircraft using Battery power for take-off

The Concept of Battery Drones

The future of aviation may just be in the hands of battery operated Jetpacks. Researchers are trying to develop an aircraft that will be able to fly over the Atlantic using only the source of power from batteries. So how does this work?

Instead of using huge engines for take-off, the aircraft will make use of battery packs to get them in the air.

Till now, the challenge had been building an aircraft that could hold enough batteries for an aircraft in flight. Evidently this added a lot of weight to the aircraft and wasn’t particularly feasible. But this problem may just be solved thanks to the invention of drones to deliver batteries on call.

The unmanned flying battery pack docked to the top of an electric airplane.

Changing Aircraft Batteries in Mid-Air

The plane will take-off with a battery pack. Once this battery pack drains out, they will automatically get detached from the plane, making it lighter and getting rid of any dead weight.

Here is where the flying drone comes in. The drone will be carrying the next set of batteries for the flight and will be capable of moving the batteries on to the aircraft in mid-air!

This means that the plane will get recharged batteries without having to stop during the flight. During the switch from the old battery with the new one, the flight will be powered by an internal set of batteries.

As for the detached batteries, they can either be discarded or they can be parachuted back down to earth where they can be manually recharged for the use of future flights.

The Flight of the Century Long-ESA electric test plane took off from Inyokern Airport on July 19, achieving a top speed of 202.6 MPH.

Project Infinite Range Electric

Flight of the Century, owned by Chip Yates, is enthusiastically working on this project. Their aim is to fly an electric plane across the Atlantic.

They have bought an old Long-EZ plane and they are now in the process of converting this plane to a completely battery electric-powered aircraft. They have already filed for a patent for the system that they will use, called the Infinite Range Electric Flight.

Full Video! World’s Fastest Electric Airplane Flight and Deadstick Landing!
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