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Air Travel and Global Warming Go Hand In Hand

Air Travel and Global Warming Go Hand In Hand

Sure air travel is here to stay and the world cannot do without it. How else would you be able to breakfast in New York, attend a lunch meeting in London and dine in Paris, all within a span of 24 hours? Airlines on their part are going all out to woo passengers with the best business and first class amenities and are literally rolling out the red carpet for their hi-flying passengers. They are proffering lie-back sets, free drinks, on board kits and a slew of irresistible perks to their loyal frequent fliers.

All of this seems good till the time you look at it from the perspective of the environment. New research has proved that 1st class air passengers do much more damage on the environment than the average traveler. The carbon footprint of 1st class travelers is 9 times larger than that of coach class travelers. So why exactly does the report target 1st class fliers? Plenty of reasons according to the report.

Seats in 1st class cabins are larger, which also means that fewer people can travel in the aircraft. Luxury class travelers end up carrying more luggage which also means that the aircraft consumes more fuel. This particular research was carried out by the World Bank in May 2013 and ascertained that any average passenger flying economy has a 0.76 carbon footprint while one who flies in business class has a carbon footprint of 2.30. A 1st class traveler with a carbon footprint of 6.89 is the biggest culprit when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s interesting is that the World Bank has been very objective in the way it is looking at the global warming issue. The organization found that approximately 55% of the organization’s own carbon footprint is generated by their staff air travel and this figure could even be as high as 70%. The World Bank is now making every effort to curb this trend and do their part to help the world breathe a little better.

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