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About KLM- The World’s Oldest Airline

About KLM- The World’s Oldest Airline

Founded in 1919, the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the world’s oldest Airline. In Dutch, KLM stands FOR Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij. It made its very first scheduled flight between Amsterdam and London one year later in 1920. In the 1920’s when flying was considered as something extraordinary and reserved only for the elite, KLM transported a total of 345 passengers, 25,000 kilos of cargo and mail.

Flight Route

Right from its very first flight, the airline was a success and it grew in leaps and bounds. The 1st KLM plane took off from Amsterdam to for Indonesia to Batavia(now Jakarta). The trip was extremely adventurous & took weeks to complete. These days’ flights take about fifteen hours to complete. This Amsterdam to Batavia route became a part of KLM’s regular scheduled service in 1929. KLM crossed the Atlantic for the 1st time, to Curacao in 1934. KLM was the 1st European Airline to begin scheduled service across the ocean to NY post WWII.

New Acquisitions


The airline acquired their first jet airplanes in 1960. These new planes with jet engines were similar in size compared to the earlier aircrafts with propellers, except they were capable of flying faster, which meant that travel times were reduced tremendously. This was the first time where it was possible to reach any place in the world within twenty-four hours.

In 1971 the 1st Boeing 747 was launched. As this plane was much larger and could carry many more passengers and cargo, it became known as the “jumbo jet”. The airline took a huge step by merging with Air France. Today these two companies work in tandem with each other but continue to maintain their individual identities.

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