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About Us

Welcome to Fast Aviation Data

Who are we?

Founded in 2008, Fast Aviation Data is a global leader in international airport FBOs, aircraft ground handlers, fuel suppliers, Civil Aviation authorities contact directories and aircraft data desktop software programs.

What do we do?

Fast Aviation Data is involved in rich and resourceful airport FBO, aircraft ground handlers, fuel suppliers, Civil aviation contact directories and aircraft data giving you complete control of the time-sensitive information you need, whenever you need it. We do this by developing aviation related information and directory user friendly desktop programs to deliver the key information you require within MINUTES, and without having to be online.

How do we do it?

We search, collect, revise and add airport FBO,  ground handlers, fuel suppliers and civil aviation authority full contacts details,  plus  aircraft information into desktop software programs for quick access, allowing you to preview, save and print all the information you need when planning a flight.  You will also find several special features that will allow you to change the look of the software to suit your mood and to add, delete or restore information to fit your needs. It does not get more personal than that!

Why do we do it?

At Fast Aviation Data, we are committed to helping you save time and money by cutting down the time spent searching online or the expenses involved in outsourcing your requirements. Fast Aviation Data provides you the ideal tool to give you the key information required when Pre-planning a flight.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make life easy for you by giving you complete control of the desktop program to manipulate and make it your own personal data warehouse by updating or extracting information within MINUTES without having to go through a complex process or added expenses.

We invite you

To Fast Aviation Data to browse and explore the vast amount of aviation related information that is easily available at your fingertips.

Fast Aviation Data